Dear 2019


Dear 2019,

Last year was the best – I graduated university, met Caelan, went on my first summer holiday in four years, got onto my masters course etc etc.

I’m not expecting this year to top it, if anything I think this year is going to be a hard year,  but I have some goals I want to achieve this year so I’m going to document them here in a hope it will motivate me.

  • Pass my masters
  • Get more work experience (I know my previous post was me slating it but it’s the only way i’ll get a job)
  • Get a job i’ll actually enjoy – no more pub work
  • Travel some more
  • Be more conscious about my meat consumption
  • Join a lacrosse team/get back in the gym once i finish my degree

The main thing I want to do this year is make myself proud. I’m always quite harsh on myself whether it’s my work or my appearance. I’m going to give myself a break and focus my energy on things that really matter. Maybe some of that energy can go into my blog too! Ha, as if my masters isn’t going to suck every ounce of energy i have like it did last term…

Image result for ross i'm fine gif

Happy 2019 folks


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