Getting from purple to brown hair

It only takes a quick stalk of my social media to see I used to have (amazing) purple hair. RIP.

Buuuut it was super high maintenence and when it faded it looked really shit and washed me out, so after 9 months I decided to return to brown.

I’d go back purple in a heartbeat if i had the money to look after it properly/go to the salon, but I found making it look good on a budget was tricky.

Being on a budget, I changed my hair back myself. Here’s a step by step guide on how to get your hair back to a natural colour.

So for reference, here is what my hair looked like purple:


I let it fade to this before I stripped the colour – I know it’s really dark at the root but it was almost blonde on the ends, another reason why it was so hard to maintian.


I used this hair stripper and this is what it looked like on – we put more on the darker bits and just pulled it through to the ends.


The pink lifted well but the blue tones from the purple stained my hair and I was left with this:


So my aunt was sent out on a mission to tesco to get another box of the same colour stripper and we repeated the process to get:


It looks more blue in the pictures, but there was still blue, so I decided to put bleach over certain parts to lift the colour.


Again it didn’t look as pink as this, so I decided it was blonde enough to put dye on top. The important thing to know is if you put brown dye on top of bleach it can go green, so to restore the red tones I used this hairdye.


By this point my hair was really dry so I gave it a few days, then put a brown dye over the top and was finally brunette again.


As you can see, it did lighten up after a while and it needed a good cut, but the whole thing cost me about £20 and a new haircut.

Hopefully you’ll find this helpful, if not then you get to see the only picture on earth of me with ginger hair.


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