Moving Back in With Mum and Dad

Until the age of 18, I had always lived in the same house with the same people (Mum, Dad and my brother).

However, in September 2015 I moved out and began my university adventure in Southampton.

Sadly, my days as a young and (mostly) carefree undergrad are over and I’m back living at home with Mum, Dad and my brother, and commuting to and from Cardiff every day.

It’s a weird feeling, moving back home and not knowing when I’ll next be in my own place again – there are pros and cons obviously, so I thought I’d share my experience so far.


It’s way cheaper – at home I don’t have to worry about paying rent, bills, food shopping etc. I don’t really have to budget anymore unless I have something important to save for.

Mum’s cooking – It’s a cliché to say there’s nothing like your mum’s food, but there really isn’t. Plus, after a long day at uni, there’s nothing better than coming home and having dinner ready and waiting.

Pets – The thing I missed most about home was not having Charlie around. He was too dopey to ever appreciate the facetimes we had together so it’s great to be reunited. He also eats whatever I drop on the floor when I’m making lunch, so there’s less to clean up after.

The countryside – I’m very lucky to live so close to the beach and I missed it a lot when I lived in Southampton. It’s so nice to be either a short walk or drive away from some amazing costal views.

Family – My family are very closely knit, especially my Mum’s side. My cousin Quinn was born during my first year at uni and I was quite disappointed to see how much she had grown every time I came back.



Commuting – There’s only one train an hour for me to get into uni, which means it’s always packed at rush hour. On the way in we’re the second stop on the line, so I always get a seat, but getting on at Cardiff after a long day is a mission.

Not being a “proper” student – This kind of ties in with the commuting. Not living in the student hub can leave me feeling out of touch with my class sometimes. I’m really lucky that we’re a close group and I can crash at someone else’s if we have a night out, but if it’s an impromptu meetup I normally have to give it a miss, meaning I constantly have FOMO.

Checking in – I’m very lucky to have parents who care that I’m not home when they expect me to be, but while living away I got used to doing what I wanted when I wanted. My parents aren’t the type to tell me I can’t do something, but constantly having to keep them updated when I’m going to be late home can get a bit tedious.

Caelan – At uni Caelan and I lived three minutes from each other, now we live three hours apart. Long distance is shit but it does make me appreciate the time we do spend together.


The box room – Obviously because I wasn’t living in the house my room was slowly taken over with the odd shirt/coat in my wardrobe etc. which is fine! But my room at home isn’t even big enough for a double bed, which is a bit of a change from the room I had in Southampton. Hopefully it won’t be too long until my room is redone, and I am reunited with the double bed of my dreams.


I think moving back home is one of those grass is always greener situations.

I really do miss being able to work into the night on a deadline – now poor dad pokes his head in when it gets too late making sure I’m getting enough down time and rest. But he also brings me a cup of tea in the morning, so it’s not all bad.

Yes, I miss living a quick walk from uni and actually having a social life, but I’ll settle for being able to put the heating on anytime… at least for now.

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