My New Love…

Being new to the commuter life I’ve had to find new ways to occupy myself on the journey to and from University.

Normally, my go-to would be a book, magazine or maybe it’s an opportunity to listen to a new album.

However, the regular commute has forced me to branch out, as there are only so many albums I want to listen to, or I can only afford so much reading material.

Because of this, I’ve discovered a new love: Podcasts. Shoutout to Kirstie for opening my ears to this world.

I thought I’d share my 5 go-to podcasts today in hopes of spreading the good word.

Happy Place

Seeing as I start my week with this podcast it seems only fitting that this post also begins with it. Happy Place is the creation of Fearne Cotton and is a podcast that really makes you consider perspective. She interviews inspiring people, both celebrities and normal people who have some mindful wisdom to share. I began listening with on season 2, so I have slowly been exploring the previous season in my spare time. It’s a great podcast for getting in the right, positive mindset for the week ahead. However, it does explore the theme of mental health and overcoming those barriers so prepare yourself for some moving testimonies.

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The Guilty Feminist

I’m a feminist but… when my parents go away, I make my brother do the bins because he’s “stronger”.

Deborah Frances White is everything I aspire to be. She’s intelligent, witty and the owner of a wonderful Australian accent. Her weekly podcast talks all things feminism in an approachable and non-judgemental environment. Each week you can expect new and reoccurring guests to discuss topics every contemporary feminist will agree on. Her podcast has taught me so much and opened my eyes to the many injustices going on worldwide. One day I will be at a live recording.

corriescomments: the guilty feminist

Today in Focus

The concept of being an expert in absolutely everything has been floating around a lot recently, and I think I’ve found the answer. This podcast by the Guardian picks two headlines from the previous day and unravels it for the listener. At the moment it has, understandably, been very Brexit heavy. However, it’s a quick and easy way to catch up with the ever-changing battle to leave the EU. The second part of the 20-minute podcast is normally directed at a headline more niche, but just as interesting. Drawing on experts from the topic area, I always finish the podcast feeling more enlightened.

corriescomments: today in focus

Keeping it Candid

This one is a new addition to my podcast library, but I have been reaching back into its archives at every opportunity. This culture podcast hosted by Millie Cotton & Sophie Milner covers current events, pop culture and relationships. Their laid-back conversations and catch-ups remind me of just meeting up with my friends. They discuss everything from contraception, to their budgets, love life and Deliveroo preferences. It’s an easy and enjoyable listen to break up the intensity of my other favourites.

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The High Low

This is the original podcast that drew me into this magical world of conversation and comedy. This pop culture and news podcast could talk about anything and make it funny and interesting. Every so often they will have author specials which are a really enjoyable listen. The High Low inspired me to buy Dolly Alderton’s memoir Everything I Know About Love, a masterpiece of which, if you love the podcast, you’ll love the book and vice versa. I find myself very upset without my High Low fix while the podcast has a few weeks off and I cannot wait to have it back for my commute.

corriescomments: the high low

Honorary mentions:

Love Stories by Dolly Alderton: I wasn’t going to mention this as the series was a one-off, however, Dolly has announced a second series anticipating the release of her book as a paperback. I love it and her, have a listen.

David Tennant does a podcast with…: The first episode of this has literally only been released today, but if his interview with Broadchurch co-star Olivia Coleman is anything to go by, I imagine this will become a quick favourite.

Are there any other podcasts I should check out? Leave a comment below and share the audio love.

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