My experience with contraception

Everyone has had their battle with choosing the contraception that’s right for them, here’s my journey over the last six years

What I learned from work experience

Over Easter I spent a month working at Style of the City magazine. I had the best time learning about the industry and was sad to see it come to an end. Here’s what I learnt.

My New Love…

The commuters’ life is quiet and repetitive. Thankfully I’ve found an amusing and enlightening way to pass the time. May I introduce, my new love… the Podcast

Moving Back in With Mum and Dad

It’s a weird feeling, moving back home and not knowing when you’ll next be in your own place again – there are pros and cons obviously, so I thought I’d share my experience so far.

Dear 2019

Last year was the best – I graduated university, met Caelan, went on my first summer holiday in four years, got onto my masters course…

Working For Free

Work experience: free labour exploited by companies because people are desperate for a job

Getting Started

Tonight I find myself tucked up in bed at 9pm, on the eve of my 22nd Birthday, figuring out my next move. It has been an amazing year…